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Industry Knowledge You Can Trust

As the focus shifts from purely operational to more strategic priorities, the overall industry will evolve dramatically.

We have deep knowledge of navigating regulations and compliance in the cannabis industry and are on top of current trends and are ready to offer our knowledge to our growers.

Our leadership understands that we will need to offer many services to make production for our tenant-growers seamless and they just need to show up and flip the switch to commence business.

Infrastructure Services Consulting
Use of I-502 compliant high-tech greenhouses  Utilities and water management Design and execute integrated pest management program
 Pots and fertilizer Competitive lease agreements  Consulting on processing, distribution and sales
 Staffing with horticultural experience Property management services  Provide yield optimization consultancy
Processing and shipping docks I-502 compliant security systems Support brand building efforts
Industrial equipment Recycling and waste management Liaison with industry leaders
Manage nutrient levels for irrigations Soil remediation Research the market for newest developments for our clients
Senior water rights holder and two supplementary wells  Software for production management, recording, and monitoring Assigned account manager that will create SOP’s/best practices and conduct timely business reviews

Let’s Grow Together

Whether you’re a licensed grower or an investor, we invite you to contact us. We look forward to creating growing solutions with you.

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