Oroville, WA

Four acres of farmland in Oroville, WA, located in the northern region of the Okanogan Valley, Washington State, which has the ability to produce high-value fruits and vegetables as well as cannabis crops.

  • Construction complete of a 10,000 sq. ft. greenhouse optimized for low-carbon and sustainable operations
  • I-502 compliant property and we are working to prepare it for tenant-grower occupancy
  • 50% + senior water right holder on the main stem of the Eden Valley Aquifer and two supplemental groundwater wells
  • Entered into a lease agreement with a Tier 3 I-502 production and processing license holder
  • Leadership has local farming knowledge and relationships in this region.
  • Room for expansion
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Bougainville is pleased to announce that it has signed a second lease agreement with a private Washington State Tier-2 I-502 licensee to lease up to 21,000 square feet of I-502- compliant space from the Bougainville Ventures Campus in Oroville, Washington.

Bougainville will be involved with the Tenant as a consultant and in the infrastructure development capacity at its current location.

The Tenant is currently ready to harvest this year’s crop at the end of the month. Bougainville and the Tenant have agreed to the terms of the lease and will occupy a one-acre parcel of land, following building, property and infrastructure improvements.

The Tenant has been in operations since 2015 and has extensive experience and contacts in supplying the extract market