Bougainville provides strategic capital to the thriving cannabis cultivation sector through ownership and development of commercial real estate properties. We offer fully built out turnkey facilities equipped with state-of-the-art growing infrastructure to cannabis growers and processors. Cultivators lease these facilities and pay affordable fee-based management costs to accelerate market entry and scalability. The first 10,000 square feet of greenhouse space in Oroville, Washington has been completed and is ready for occupancy. Our facilities remove financial barriers for cannabis cultivators as traditional funding is limited due to United States federal laws and current lending practices.

Cannabis growers quest for success starts with us as a trusted advisor who can guide you through every aspect of the strictly regulated industry where consistency and science-based solutions are paramount.  Entering the luxury crop industry is expensive, our clients enter a fully-built, commercial-scale operation with no up-front investment.

Bougainville is committed to environmental sustainability and our greenhouses are optimized for low-carbon, sustainable operations aimed at reducing growers’ operating costs and carbon footprint.